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Whether you are a human resource professional in the middle of restructuring your department, or a CEO currently without a human resource professional, PeopleSmart can help. Many companies find themselves in a position to create a Human Resources Department where there was not one before. This is the best time to establish the design that will help your company achieve its long range goals. We can help by creating a HR department structure that best fits your organizations needs, and makes the most sense from a budget perspective. We can then design HR policies and procedures while we search for the best candidate to run the department. This allows the new HR Executive the opportunity to hit the ground running.

PeopleSmart Newsletter

With an attorney on staff, and an eye on the hot HR topics of today we can present to you an HR newsletter that is informative. Our newsletter is designed for the executive that has responsibility over the HR function, and is a tool that you can use to develop policy and keep abreast of the trends and issues facing HR executives today.

HR Hiring Models

The hiring process is one of the most important functions that a Human Resources manager or supervisor has. Without the proper tools and procedures in place, companies can create a vicious cycle of turnover and fail to maximize their profits due to the cost associated with operating without experienced people and the costs of hiring and training. Managers often begin to see the hiring process as a recurring interruption to their productivity. Worse yet is the threat of negligent hiring and placing your team or customers at risk. Through the use of new technologies and proven models, PeopleSmart can create a HR hiring process that meets your needs, often reducing the cost of your current process.

HR Compliance

The human resource profession of today grew out of the regulatory compliance that has developed primarily in the last half of the twentieth century. Today more than ever our employment practices are regulated. Many companies are in violation of requirements that they don't even know exist. Unfortunately this lack of knowledge is a very poor defense. Even companies with good employee relations find themselves on the losing side of litigation. This is a case where the old adage about an ounce of prevention is very accurate. For a fraction of the cost of a single lawsuit, PeopleSmart can conduct a HR compliance audit and help develop procedures and policies that comply with state and federal requirements.

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