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PeopleSmart designs Human Resource policies to be easily communicated and understood by your team. HR policies are a first line of defense to prevent litigation as well as a road map for compliance. This proactive step allows you the comfort of knowing how certain situations should be handled before they occur.

Too often companies make up HR policies as they go on issues such as leaves of absence, terminations, severance, etc. This invites inconsistency and can lead to trouble. Written HR policies remove uncertainties and eliminate the opportunity for supervisors to show favoritism. They help establish an environment that offers fair treatment for your team and protection for you.

Employee Handbooks

PeopleSmart will design and produce an employee handbook that will help express your organization's culture, procedures and benefits in a clear and easy to understand format. We will insure that the employee handbook covers the necessary information and is designed to protect your company from certain types of litigation. Your employee handbook should lay out what is expected of the employees as well as the organization without creating a binding contract. We can accomplish this task for you, and you can then subscribe to our Employee Handbook Updates, which we produce as the legal landscape changes so you are not stuck with an outdated document.

Employee Surveys

It is always a good idea to know what issues are on the minds of your employees. A well designed and consistent survey process that is valued and acted upon sends a very strong signal that you care about what your people think. A regular survey process keeps the focus on those things that make your company competitive and valued by your staff.

PeopleSmart can design, conduct and tabulate the results of employee surveys as well as provide an analysis of what should be done with the information. Often employees will anonymously communicate what they really feel even when they do not express it verbally. This is a powerful HR tool that can be a real eye opening experience.

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